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Leaders foster deep intimacy with Christ and a renewed sense of calling. Young and old gather throughout the region in Prayer Hubs to seek God, listen and discern opportunities for ministry.


To seek God in prayer and make sure our leaders are emotionally healthy and spiritually fit for the road ahead. We know that leadership not rooted in intimacy with Christ cannot last. Neither can we expect to see God move with power unless we continually seek him day and night. We (as churches and classes) will listen and discern specific ways to move forward.


  • Prayer - The church gathers throughout the region to listen to God’s leading and to pray for revival.

  • Emotional and Spiritual Health of Leaders

  • Congregational Discernment


Encourage Paster and Leaders

The Leadership Encouragement Team (LET) will develop a strategic plan to provide encouragement and support for the leaders in our classes, starting with pastors and spouses, and then moving on to lay leaders as well. Amidst burnout and frustration, the goal is for leaders to be newly empowered to continue fighting the good fight.

Prayer Hubs Initiative

Prayer groups made up of volunteers from clusters of churches will gather regularly to listen to the Holy Spirit and pray for awakening and revival in their churches, communities and cities. These hubs will be trained and tasked with discerning God’s leading in the renewal efforts. It should include young and old. Through prayer, we will listen to how the Spirit is moving in our cities and discern visions for new ministries, open doors and people of peace.

Discerning a Path for Congregational Renewal - Local Conversations

Where is your church in the congregational life cycle? What options do you have for moving forward? Complete the discernment tool with your leaders to gauge what next steps might be appropriate for your congregation.