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Equip churches in the areas of disciple-making, raising up leaders (APEST) and local missional expression. Culture changes. Classis gears up for launching new ministries.


We will do everything humanly possible to make provisions for the road ahead, trusting God to bless our efforts and using our best God-given wisdom and resources. We will seek openness to change as we align with God’s heart for the poor, lost and marginalized.


Multiplying Disciples - churches are equipped to multiply Gospel-centered disciples

Missional Church - churches are building bridges between Jesus and their neighbors

Equipping and raising up leaders - churches are raising up apostles, evangelists, prophets, teachers and shepherds (Eph 4)

Church Planting Mobilization - churches are preparing to launch new ministries


Prayer Hubs Develop an Interactive Spiritual Map

An interactive map that shows all the churches in Hudson and Hackensack and marks spiritual strongholds, open doors for productive ministry, visions or hearts for new ministries, potential new leaders, and Persons of Peace.

Discipleship Training

The Discipleship Team will work to raise the bar of discipleship in our churches so that every church has a clear and effective pathway for making and multiplying disciples.

Missional Church Training - Go Local, Coffee Break, and more.

MAM, Resonate and NECT will work with together with churches to discover what it looks like to be “missional” in their own context. We hope to offer Go Local in both classes (pending Resonate approval).

APEST Training and Network

Create a region-wide network that seeks to identify and empower APEST leaders, providing specific APEST training for each gifting, coaching in application of APEST use in local context.

8 Church Planter Residencies

Church planters will begin residencies within parent churches to prepare for launching new churches and ministries. Identify 8 “Light House Churches” to spearhead church planting multiplication in the upcoming five years. Up to $15,000 offered to assist residencies.