Pillar 1


Nehemiah was a man of action but also a man of prayer. Mid-Atlantic Ministries has a firm conviction that anything that is not birthed in prayer, sustained by prayer and directed through prayer will not have lasting impact. What is needed more than anything else in our churches is for God’s people to be on their knees, praying for their communities and cities, praying for revival, praying for the Spirit to move.

Pillar 2


Without question, the NT teaches us that the kingdom of God comes through discipleship. Jesus called disciples to follow him. He equipped them to seek and proclaim the kingdom and to raise up even more disciples. We must develop a culture of multiplicative discipleship to impact communities and grow churches. Renewal and planting depend on healthy and reproducing systems of disciples making disciples. Churches will grow and multiply by making more and better disciples.

Pillar 3


The model of church we inherited is a Christendom model. Scholars and cultural observers assure us that we are now in post-Christendom. We are in a mission field and the survival and flourishing of the church depends on embracing a missional posture. This means the church is outward facing, seeing its local community through a missional lens. The church must not only exist for its own members, but have an equal emphasis on bridging the Kingdom of God to the local neighborhood in tangible ways.

Learn ten steps to help your church be more missional.

Pillar 4


The church needs the full spectrum of the Ephesians 4 giftings including the apostolic, prophetic, evangelist, teaching and shepherding functions. To reach new ground for Christ, we need to identify and empower all five kinds of ministry leaders

Pillar 5


The Spirit is the third person of the trinity. He (not “it”) is powerful, personal and present. He wants to fill his people to overflowing and give gifts for ministry. The church cannot meet the challenges of ministry in today’s climate without Him. We pray for an awakening to God in and through his Spirit.