Towards Renewal

How your church can get involved in Phase 1

Through the Nehemiah Project, we sense God calling us not only to start new ministries, but to renew existing ministries as well. We believe this can happen as churches pray, believe the Gospel and adapt to the missional context of the East Coast. Our goal is to see growth and vibrancy in every established ministry in the region. Established ministries in Classis Hudson and Hackensack are invited to prepare for renewal by engaging in Phase 1 of the Nehemiah Project in the following ways:

  1. Join us for Fanning the Flame; A Sacred Assembly for Restoration, Unity and Mission on November 2

  2. Discern your renewal path (learn more).

  3. Encourage your pastor and leaders to participate in Leadership Encouragement Team initiatives.

  4. The goal of the Nehemiah Project is to start 20+ new ministries. To that end, we are requesting 8 lighthouse churches that will commit to planting two churches in the next 12 years. Please prayerfully consider with your church leadership team whether your church could be a lighthouse church. Learn about grants for church planting residencies.

  5. Commit to praying for the following: for spiritual renewal in Classis Hudson and Hackensack, for revival, for fresh ideas, for camaraderie and friendship between churches, and for all the lost in our cities who don’t know Jesus.