Saturday, Nov 9 -  9AM - 1PM - North Haledon, NJ.  Cost - free.  RSVP  here .

Saturday, Nov 9 - 9AM - 1PM - North Haledon, NJ. Cost - free. RSVP here.


Multiplying disciples through collaborative church renewal and church planting


How does the changing landscape of our context beg us to reimagine what authentic Christian witness and ministry look like? How is the CRC to understand its sentness, its mission on the East Coast?

It is our conviction that more than ever, the Mid-Atlantic Region (NYC to DC) needs to be thought of as a mission field. God is inviting us to look with his eyes at our neighborhoods and communities and to reimagine church through a missional lens. Through prayer, collaborative renewal and church planting, our vision is to see every CRC renewed and 20+ new ministries started by 2030 to reach this ever changing context.


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How we’ll get There

The Nehemiah Project is a 12-year initiative with four distinct phases to lead towards renewal, church planting and campus ministry.


Five Convictions

The Nehemiah Project is founded upon four pillars, areas of needed growth and adaptation.