Setting the stage for Renewal in Classis Hudson

Via Crusis is Latin for “way of the cross.” It is undeniably the way that Christians experience both new life in Christ and ongoing sanctification. “Whoever would save their life must lose it,” Jesus said (Mark 8:35).  Via Crusis is not a one time act, but a lifestyle for those professing to follow Jesus. According to Peter Bush, author of In Dying We Are Born, it is also the path all churches must be willing to tread. It applies as much to the corporate as to the individual. On Thursday May 16th, Classis Hudson discussed what via crusis looks like for our churches. 

In small group discussion, we named the things that must die in our classis for us to be raised with Christ to new life: pride, holding on to things rather than to God, fear of the unknown leading to paralysis and lack of Godly kingdom focused vision. After discussion, pastors prayed prayers of repentance, even weeping because of the church’s failures, but also praying for the Spirit to move and rekindle life in struggling churches.

I firmly believe that Classis Hudson turned a corner on May 16. Being on our knees in humility and brokenness before God sets the stage for renewal. Now, we look to God to raise us up. When God moves, he gets all the glory. Like with the raising of Lazarus (John 11:4), God’s power is most clearly manifest in making the dead come alive. Our future plans for church planting and church renewal will never come to fruition unless we go about it with a deep reliance on God, a whole-hearted desire for his glory, and a commitment to radical obedience no matter what the cost. Like Nehemiah, we must die to all fear and any sin that might stand in the way of rebuilding God’s city. We must rally together without pride or personal agendas and do God’s will.

Come, Spirit! Lead us in your way.