Why should my church consider planting a church?

By Ben Spalink

Here’s the top eight reasons your church should consider “parenting” a new congregation:

  • Church planting can be an extremely effective way of reaching communities for Christ

  • Church planting can be an excellent way to engage in making and multiplying disciples

  • Church planting gives your congregation members opportunities to participate missionally that are not normally available

  • Church planting can expand your church’s reach, impact and influence

  • Church planting can be a way to release and empower eager (sometimes younger) members who want to try something new and different from what the parent church offers and to be more evangelistic

  • Church planting can be a great way to bridge urban and suburban contexts

  • Church planting can be a healthy way to effect change in the parent congregation

  • Church planting is a great way to involve and engage entrepreneurs in your church