Clarifying Vision

Does your church have a vision statement? A vision statement is defined as a picture of a preferred future, a dream that will motivate and inspire your congregation to build and work towards something that is not yet a reality. Some churches have vision statements, but that’s all they are: statements. They don’t impact anything. They are not acted on. They are not central. Some vision statements are good, but they’re so generic that they don’t say anything specific about the calling God has for your church. Of course every church wants to glorify God. Of course every church wants to make disciples. But what does that look like in your context? And how will you know when your vision for making disciples is becoming a reality?

Mid-Atlantic Ministries would love to work with you and your leaders to help clarify a missional vision for your church based around your unique “Kingdom Concept.” Your Kingdom Concept is, according to Will Mancini, the big idea about how you will make disciples and see God’s kingdom established uniquely in the place God has put you. Tools are available to help you and your leaders discern these things. Once your Kingdom Concept is in place, more work can then be done to define discipleship and align your ministries around your vision and mission. Contact the MAM team to set up a consultation.