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Launch innovative new ministries - church plants, campus ministries, youth, and community development


Every new ministry plans to reproduce within 5 years of inception. We commit to celebrating the good work God is doing, learning from mistakes, and supporting one another as a growing family.


  • Multiplication of ministries

  • Support and Encouragement

  • Ongoing learning and innovation

  • Celebration of victories


New ministries reproduce

Lighthouse churches seek to plant again in the next 5 years. Church plants seek to multiply within 5 years. Potentially 20+ new ministries after 12 years of Nehemiah Project.

Two New Campus Ministries

Having started two new campus ministry, we start two more in the following years, perhaps in partnership with some of the planting ministries.

New Community Development ministries (NECT)

Movement Oriented Generosity

All new ministries tithe 10% of local giving out to local mission and ministry shares. Upon launch, money is set aside for ministry shares and kingdom ventures. This creates an exponential funding stream for future multiplication