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Launch innovative new disciple-making ministries - church plants and campus ministries and more - with multiplication DNA and Nehemiah Project values.


Eight lighthouse churches will plant. We will also start two new college ministries. All new ministries will have multiplication built into their DNA with the expectation of reproducing within 5 years. New ministries will embrace movement oriented generosity, giving to support further disciple-making.


Church Planting - New churches and sites

Campus - Ministry to reach the millions of students in the Mid-Atlantic region

Youth and Para-Church community-oriented ministries - Ministry to reach teens and young adults and new communities


Church planting

Partner with Resonate to plant 8 new churches with lighthouse churches leading the way

Campus Ministries

Campus Team strategically starts 2 new campus ministries in the region in partnership with local churches and Resonate

Prayer Hubs

Continue to pray for spiritual protection and blessing over all new ministries.

Renewal Resources offered for churches continuing with renewal

Planting Networks

Church planting networks like KEZ and Philly Cluster are multiplied with new networks in NC and NJ to facilitate ongoing support, training and movement